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Senior Appointments

Senior Appointments

The Industry

The IT industry requires a real specialist approach and someone that knows how the industry works, as well as the knowledge on which type of candidates fit each sector.

We work with some of the world’s largest brands through to smaller independents who require a different calibre of candidates all together – ultimately supplying quality shortlists within this candidate led market.

Our Candidates

At Victoria Tech we pride ourselves on having specialist consultants who have previously worked within the technology or IT industry for a considerable amount of time. Given our specialism and dedication to the industry, we are able to offer expertise and partner our candidates in their job search; active or passive. 

We initially pre-screen all of our candidates, to ensure opportunities are always specifically suited to their experience, personality and future ambitions.

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If you need support recruiting into the following departments, please get in touch;

  • Development/Engineering
  • UX/UI
  • Infrastructure
  • Data
  • Project Services
  • Technology